Stick Figure RPG Trainer

Stick Figure RPG Trainer 1.0

Stick Figure RPG is a trainer for the game with the same name
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Ok guys i made a Stick RPG Complete trainer. What makes my trainer different from most of the other Stick RPG trainers is mine uses the Complete version. You know, the version you can only play at xgenstudios? Anyway, you can set your max hp, your hp, cash, karma, strength, int, charm, so on. You can also set your bank interest rate, how many smokes you have, how much booze you have, and how many Caffeine pills. You can make your house a castle, get a sports car, get all the furniture, gun, knife, cell phone, so on... Its one of the biggest trainers i've made so far. Also, you can change your name, what day it is, and make yourself CEO.

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